December 2, 2001 - Sunday

Thoughtful, serious, studious, inventive (and annoying)
4:08 PM

"Shut up indoors during the long, though not dreary winters, in workshops and around firesides, our people must by and by become thoughtful, serious, studious, inventive." - William Watts Folwell, first president of the University of Minnesota, in his inaugural address.

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Cartoon (with caption) by Dick Guindon from the book Guindon, published in 1977 by the Minneapolis Tribune. (In the photo on the back of the book, he looks an awful lot like Pa Little-House-On-The-Prairie... what's-his-name. The youngest Cartwright. The original teenage werewolf. Aggghh... Michael Landon, that's it.)

Anyway, the slow-loading website of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, in its Encyclopedia Minnesotica, says of Dick Guindon: "Minnesota's greatest satirist, formerly with the Tribune, now living and working near Detroit. No one's ever done us better. Not Keillor, not even the Coens." (And of Sinclair Lewis and F. Scott Fitzgerald, it says: "Minnesotans tirelessly honor these state-bred literary lions. Unfortunately for Minnesotans, the feeling wasn't mutual. Both novelists left these parts early in life and never returned.")

I finally gave in and used the in-laws' scanner to get this cartoon posted, despite the inexplicable, frightening changes their computer's been undergoing lately, which have inspired me to stay away from it as much as possible. Previously, besides the fact that it's been generally topping 70 degrees (F) around here, it was my own dead scanner that prevented me from properly responding to Jeremy's 11.20.2001 post, which was about Greg's post of the same day. (See how that works? Spontaneous Simultude - but delayed. I am like a red tin bus. I hear chickens clucking somewhere nearby. Wait, wait, wait a sec... that last one's not Spontaneous Simultude: it's just annoying.)

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Still hearing chickens? Are you having NM flashbacks? Should I call a doctor?

esposa (aka "it")
Dec 2, '01 - 10:57 PM

I dont hear chickens.

I see dumb people.

Dec 4, '01 - 4:02 AM

Poor Nostra... What a sad, sad life you must have down there in Texas to be awake and on the internet at 4:00 in the morning calling people stupid when you "dont" even know how to work an apostrophe.

You came to look at the photos of the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum (probably from a link in an email you received from the CREST strawbale list) and you blew right through those. From there you connected into the stream of archived posts at potkettleblack, following them forward one by one: 22 seconds... next! 16 seconds... next! 14 seconds... next! So much time spent reading and comprehending.

And then even after you paused to make your comment, you didn't leave; you kept going self-righteously up through the rest of the entries.

But perhaps I'm missing the point of what you said. Maybe you were making a social commentary using the persona of Nostradamus, whose M.O. was clairvoyance and not clairaudience, saying that modern university life looks stupid from his centuries-ago perspective. Maybe it's something even much more clever than that. But somehow I just "dont" think so.

(It's just hard not to feel bad for people who have such a low opinion of themselves that they lash out anonymously. And this particular chickenshit didn't even read the Eating Death post, and so missed a brother-in-arms.)

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