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(placed December 31, 2008 - Wednesday)

Me on twitter, because I haven't fixed my blog since September 2007. (If I ever get the blog up and running again, this will either become a sidebar, or I'll stop using Twitter.)

Latest updates:

    September 22, 2007 - Saturday


    Not that anybody will notice, but I'm going to jump ship from the small Wisconsin-based server I've been using for this domain, because the service has gone kersplat over the past year. There may be outages and freakiness, probably during the coming week.

    Over the years, every small host I've used has eventually gone weird on me, some quicker than others. So I tried out a domain with that one evil giant (the Wal-Mart of webhosting) last year, and frankly, it's been good. So I'm moving this over there too.

    I know I shouldn't. Don't bug me.

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    September 14, 2007 - Friday

    What I don't tell the bookkeeper

    I don't tell the bookkeeper that I secretly love filling out timesheets. I keep it a secret that I'm not only completely caught up with my timesheets (I keep them hidden under some product samples in the hall), but that I also fill out timesheets for the things I do when I'm not at work — one for the things I do when I'm at home, another for the things I do when I'm somewhere else. And another for the things I do in transit. I could fill out all of this on one timesheet, but that wouldn't be nearly as cool. I also fill out timesheets for my wife, and for the landlady, though neither of them know it.

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    September 12, 2007 - Wednesday

    Vacation photos

    Click any photo for a bigger version.
    Updated 9/14: Now with captions for Jeremy!

    left-right, left-right:
    · Sol Duc Falls in the Olympic National Park; for me, a natural highlight of the trip that was made even better by the classic Pacific Northwest overcast
    · View of Mount Baker from Hovander Homestead Park in Bellingham
    · Birds on posts in the harbor at Port Angeles; one seagull, and these goofy diving birds — Cormorants, somebody said
    · Fountain in a neighborhood park in Bellingham where a band was playing... three-fifths part Jerry Garcia, one-fifth part post-hippie AOR, one-fifth part Lisa Simpson

    · Clouds during the afternoon ferry back from Victoria; on the trip up there, the Canadians detained us and searched the car — a Prius! dope smugglers! (or maybe fruits and vegetables)
    · "Welcome to Concrete - Center of the known Universe"... This was painted on the side of the police station in the town of Concrete (downtown: three blocks, four bars, one liquor store), which apparently was where they shot the movie This Boy's Life, which I guess I'll have to watch now

    · Some flowers at a park in Bellingham that have a name I recognized but now can't remember; these photos have an eerie, sumptuous, almost painterly depth that I like

    left-right, left-right:
    · A heron at some park by a marina in Bellingham just standing there and keeping an eye on me
    · A chicken at the Hovander Homestead Park in Bellingham just standing there and keeping an eye on me
    · A goat at the Hovander Homestead Park just standing there and keeping an eye on me
    · Visiting hours at the kid jail

    left-right, middle, left-right:
    · Art in the house we stayed at on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle; everywhere you look in that place there's something to see
    · More of that
    · At a sculpture park in Bellingham
    · More of that
    · Another in the house we stayed at in Seattle

    left-right, left-right:
    · Sarah's cousin's kid Anna in Bellingham with an American Girl doll
    · Sarah's fun sort-of stepmom Marge, at whose art-full house in Seattle we stayed, on the ferry to Tillicum Village; she was for many years the director of the Pilchuck Glass School
    · Marge's delightful 11-year-old anklebiter, the best tiny dog I've ever met
    · From a totem pole at Tillicum Village, across the bay from Seattle

    left-right, left-right:
    · The Fremont Troll under a bridge in Seattle on a regular old two-lane street; there's a Volkswagen Beetle under his left hand — it's an actual full-sized Volkswagen with a coat of plaster over it
    · Archie McPhee!
    · At the fishladder in Seattle; they put in an artificial rapids, complete with viewing windows, at the Ballard Locks and dam so the salmon can get upstream
    · Fish hiding in the bushes out back of Marge's

    · Gull on a street light near the Pike Place Market in Seattle
    · Seattle from a ferry
    · Mount Rainier from Tillicum Village

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    September 7, 2007 - Friday

    On the other hand, there's this laundromat in Port Angeles

    There was a copy of Smart Computing magazine on the table while I was doing the wash. I picked it up and opened it to a random article talking about Quattro's incompatibilities with Netscape 4. I looked at the date on the cover: 1998. I put the magazine down and watched the Rockford Files on the TV.

    Why are we out here? When we left the D.C. area four or five years ago, this was our destination. But somehow we ended up in Ithaca NY, and then Brattleboro VT. We were going the wrong way. So we're visiting here partly because I've never been, and partly because Sarah's cousins have been having babies over the past couple years.

    It was a bonus that Jim was coming through — we had no idea...

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    September 4, 2007 - Tuesday

    Old guys at the co-op

    I'm at the co-op in Bellingham, WA. Nice place! There's some retired guys drinking coffee and cream soda at the next table. One of them said, "What kind of a car do you think you'll get in heaven?" Another replied, "I'll be lucky if I get a damn skateboard." I hope I get a sense of humor one of these days. (Heck, I hope I get to retire someday.)

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    July 22, 2007 - Sunday

    On this morning's bike ride

    I found dogs doing tricks in a warehouse.

    An old fire truck.


    (Click for... slightly bigger.)
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    July 10, 2007 - Tuesday

    Springfield Vermont Wins Simpsons Premiere

    From iBrattleboro:
    Tuesday, July 10 2007 @ 04:34 PM EDT

    ...Vermont's Springfield is the winning town in the Simpson's Movie Premiere.

    Vermont's tiny Springfield of 9,300 beat out such notable states as Massachusetts, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Nebraska, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oregon, and New Jersey.

    New Jersey was quoted as saying "It was a stupid contest anyway and doesn't prove anything."

    The film debuts July 21 in Springfield, Vermont with the movie creators walking on a yellow carpet.

    Springfield is about 35 miles north of here.


    Me, on the Simpsons

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