Underground Shelters

Before I got interested in strawbale, I was into underground. I still have a real affinity for it. It's sort of perverse in a way, but I like these abandoned military batteries in the Marin Headlands. The concrete use is excessive (for a residence, maybe not for a military battery), but there's a sort of formal-garden quality to the layouts - which, I know, were to accommodate big guns. But still... c'mon, gimme a break.

Underground motel in Jackson, Minnesota, where it snows. There's a website posted by a guy restoring the Solar Hemicycle, a.k.a. Jacobs II (a Frank Lloyd Wright building), in Wisconsin. The back side was bermed, with windows slightly above ground level. Of course the snow piled up against the windows... and melted... and rotted the wood frames. Frank shoulda knowed better. The same sort of thing is happening in the photo below, but since the windows are inset and opposite the prevailing wind, they stay relatively clear. When you build where it snows, you have to think about snow.