Out On Bale, (un)Ltd.

Judy Knox and Matts Myhrman. This was taken on the occasion of a fundraiser for Judy to help pay for the thing she's sitting in there. (It's a long, brutally ugly, and unfortunately ongoing story.) All of the photos on this page were taken at that fundraiser.

Two pioneers who have produced valuable books and/or videos: Steve MacDonald talking to Steve Kemble. (Respectively, the co-author of Build It With Bales, and the co-author/producer of How To Build Your Elegant Home With Straw Bales video/manual combo.)

Frank Meyer, the Thangmaker of Austin, Texas - he's a musician, he's a deeply green builder, he's an all-around laugh riot with a heart of gold, and he's got great shoes.

Chris Prelitz (a.k.a. "Buckethead" on CREST's strawbale list) dances with Judy.