Casa Chica, also seen in the fire section, at the Black Range Lodge in New Mexico. The forepart is a still-fresh cob experiment that looks nice but didn't work. It's hard to tell, but the front wall is concave - quite more so than the sides. The sticks were supposed to be like rebar to help the wall support itself. It broke in half anyway right about where you expect it did.

Wasn't my idea. I'm not typically one to try to defy physics.

Extreme tractor cob. Pete, who considers his backhoe to be a "naturally-occuring indigenous material", likes to make cob by scratching the dirt with the shovel, hosing a bunch of water over it, sprinkling in a lot of straw, driving over it a few times, tossing it like a big heavy clumsy salad with the bucket, then driving it to where it needs to go.

Lucia sculpting on the corner of a wall.

Also see this and that. My wife, Sarah, worked on both of the cob walls in those two links; she designed the tree one with the home's owner, and built it mostly solo.

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