The Canelo Project:
Some Buildings

The first straw-bale building they put up at Canelo, I'm not sure how many years ago. The render is asphalt-emulsion-stabilized sandy soil, which doesn't look too bad. They wouldn't do it again though - it has eroded some, and has some superficial physical damage from things knocking into it... but, like cement, it's not a repairable finish. These problems can't be integrally fixed. I'm not sure why I don't have any interior shots of this building; the banco and shower are worth seeing. (Hey, they uploaded a gob of pictures at the Canelo Project website... maybe there's one there...)

A demonstration building in the truest sense. The large tiles hanging on the walls are covered with various finishes, washes, stabilized materials, technique displays, etc. There are buckets of various different-colored stuff, bricks and blocks of varying substances, cutaway models of substrate and finishing techniques, all kinda stuff.

Earth-plastered workshop building. Nice use of scissor trusses inside.
The other side of the building above. Is that window cool or what? (Note that the lighter-colored circle isn't on the building, it's only on the picture - a lens flare.)