Canelo Project Addendum

Most of the photos on this page were taken at this structure, which was built during a workshop led by the Canelo Project (co-sponsored by DAWN, I think) in Tucson, Arizona.

Bales on edge; external pinning.

Making a batch of earth plaster.

Box beam top plate (more technically, "Roof Bearing Assembly"). Note the unusual external allthread tie-down system; though it's good in theory, I wouldn't do it this way. But I'd much sooner do it this way than the old way of using allthread inside the bales. I just wouldn't use allthread at all. You get to make up your own mind.

The sides of the box beam have bamboo mat stapled on to give the earth plaster something to key into.

There should be straw or other insulation inside the box beam.

Bill's hammermill for making short straw for earth plaster. Noisy, stinky, loud (like me)... gets the job done (unlike me). Somewhere around the 'net I seem to recall having posted a photo of Keely Meagan with her chipper from Sears. Don't remember where, though. (Didn't find it, but I did fine these excellent articles about earth plastering I posted a while back at

This photo and the rest here were taken at the Canelo Project. This shot shows how to have really good overhangs and still have plenty of natural light. (Yes, this is outside the building.)

Inside the structure, looking up at a loft. Note how the joist cavities have been decoratively arched using carrizo, straw-clay, and earth plaster.

Applying a gorgeous limewash.

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