Natural Building
    Colloquium East
              2004 - 2006
Building With Spirit

These photos are from the first four family-friendly Natural Building Colloquium that the PeaceWeavers have (so far) hosted at their 250-acre wildlife sanctuary, the Thunder Mountain Retreat Center, near Bath, New York. These events are several very full days of teaching, learning, building, and networking. Top experts, authors, educators, innovators, designers, and builders offer hands-on experience and educational presentations with close-to-the-earth building materials and lifestyle choices. Topics and activities include things like strawbale construction, traditional and roundwood timber framing, cob, cordwood, earthen and lime plasters, earthen floors, slate roofing, straw-clay infill, log cabin construction, earthbags, living roofs, solar & wind energy, permaculture, composting toilets and alternative wastewater treatment, rainwater catchment, even monolithic stone circles.

T a b l e   o f   C o n t e n t s

The following pages contain photographs taken by Mark Piepkorn and Sarah Machtey during the first three Building With Spirit events.
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