Next meeting: Not sure — a mystery!

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Traditional & Alternative Building Materials and Techniques
and Related Topics
Grassroots Learning, Teaching, Sharing, Discussion, Participation

Open to Everyone! Meeting Every Now and Then to Jabber,
and Whenever Possible for Hands-On Activities
and Always Online at Our Email List

You Name It: Strawbale, Cob, Straw-Clay, Cordwood, Timber Frame, Stone, Roundwood, Adobe, Earthbags, Rammed Earth, Underground, Salvaging & Scrounging, Recycling & Repurposing, Retrofitting & Remodeling, Environmentally-Preferable Products, Passive & Active Solar, Rainwater, Graywater, Composting Toilets, Blacksmithing...

There are as many ways to approach natural building
as there are people approaching it.

We're all students, and we're all teachers.
What we don't know, we can figure out together.

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contact— <mudhome [at] netzero [dot] net>

Next meeting: Not scheduled

BANG exists primarily as an email list these days — it's a good source for local and regional contacts and discussion; feel free to sign up. We still have face-to-face meet-ups occasionally, but they've been infrequent (to put it kindly).

After a couple years of mostly-monthly activity, sometimes with world-class natural-building guests, the juice to keep organizing meetings kinda ran out. That may change again in the future, and this website may be resurrected back into a living thing. For now, though, it's here mainly as an archive.

But we're all on the email list... come join us!

photos by Mark Piepkorn
and Sarah Machtey