Next meeting:
Monday, May 21, 2007, 7 - 8:30

From: Mark Piepkorn
BEEC asked me to do an "Intro To Natural Building" slideshow as part of a green-building series co-sponsored by BuildingGreen.

I haven't told them about it, but I'm going to horn BANG in on it too. They also don't know that Sarah will be co-presenting, and probably handling most of the good stuff. I'll lead off with some geeky context-setting exposition, then mostly get out of the way of the cavalcade of sexy photos.

So... the next BANG meeting is at the West Village Meeting House on May 21, a Monday, from 7 pm to 8:30. Directions.

Their promo language goes like this:
"There has been much buzz about the benefits of eating locally grown foods, especially in these days of rising fuel prices and global warming. Not only is local food production better for the environment, it’s good for the local economy. The same can be true of building materials. During this presentation Mark Piepkorn will introduce building technologies that take advantage of locally harvested resources, and how use of these materials contributes to sustainability. An associate editor of Environmental Building News magazine, and a former editor of The Last Straw (an international newsletter about straw-bale construction and natural building), Mark been active in the natural building movement for several years. He has had opportunities to visit, photograph, and get dirty at jobsites, workshops, and natural building events from the midwest to the southwest, and from coast to coast, with many of the recognized pioneers, practitioners, and proponents of natural building. Learn about materials and techniques like strawbale, cordwood, cob, light-straw, and timberframe construction­and about some of the interesting homes made with local materials in our region. Part of a Green Homes program series cosponsored by the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center and BuildingGreen. Call 257-5785 for information."

A question posted to the email list:
Is there a separate list serve for meeting announcements? I am looking forward to attending meetings in the Brattleboro and Keene areas.
From: Sarah Machtey
No, this is it. You have not missed any meeting announcements. The problem is that I have been out of the country and am getting ready to leave town again. When Mark and I first started this group we really hoped that we would not be in "in charge" but as things have turned out, meetings only happen when I arrange them. I have mixed feelings about this—on the up side I never have to miss a meeting, but there are a number of disadvantages for myself and for the group. This year, it seems to be more of a problem because I have been, and expect to be, away so much this year...

On that note, please see

photos by Mark Piepkorn
and Sarah Machtey